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Where To Buy


Both titles are stocked by most high street bookshops, large and small. If you don't see it on the shelf, you can ask them to order it for you.

It can also be bought from the major online bookshops at a discount, including Amazon UK and eBay.

The UK publishers are Souvenir Press. They can be reached at:

Souvenir Press Ltd.
43 Great Russell Street
London WC1B 3PA

Telephone (020) 7580 9307

Their email address is souvenirpress@ukonline.co.uk


Again, the book can be bought from most high street bookstores, and from Amazon.

If you still can't get hold of it, the American distributor is:

Independent Publishing Group
814 North Franklin Street
Chicago, IL 60610

Their free phone number for orders is (800) 888-4741.

In case of difficulty, the ISBN for the English edition (the same in the UK and the US) is ISBN 0-285-63379-1.


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