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What Is The Hay Diet?

It was introduced in the 1930s by a Dr. William Hay, who became so ill himself with high blood pressure plus serious heart and kidney disease that he was not expected to live. In desperation he turned to the work of the naturopaths and made an astonishing recovery - just by eating naturally - and he lost fifty pounds of excess weight into the bargain!

Dr. Hay was a medical man, yet he nearly lost his life because initially he failed to see the link between diet and disease. He saw it before it was too late. Few people do.

The Hay diet works on the ancient principle that given the right conditions, the body will heal itself. All we have to do is give it the raw material to do the job and take away everything which hinders its work. That means a completely natural whole food diet with at least fifty percent fresh fruit, vegetables and salad. Highly processed foods like white flour and sugar have to go because they block the healing process.

This is also a Food Combining diet - concentrated proteins like meat and cheese are taken at separate meals from carbohydrates like bread and potatoes - and I did find it difficult to work out exactly what to do from all the books. I could see it was time someone wrote 'The Hay Diet Made Easy'. When I came to teach it I was astonished at the rapid and powerful relief it can bring. I have witnessed some remarkable recoveries.

I was not surprised to find that, like me, nine out of ten people on every Hay diet course were suffering to some extent from medically unrecognised illness, and most had no idea why they felt unwell. Treatment is safe and simple and it works fast - so read on...



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