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International Translations

International Translations

The Hay Diet Made Easy is available in the UK, US and throughout the world in the English language. At the last count, it had also been translated into 12 languages.

Dutch (Nederlands)

Published as Het Juiste Combinatie Dieet by Jackie Hapgood (note misspelling)
1997, De Kern Baarn
ISBN 90-325-608-0

French (Français)

Published as La Méthode Hay pour Tous - La Régime Dissocié Simplifié
1999, Jean Claude Lattès
ISBN 2-7096-1953-9

Spanish (Español)

Published as Alimentos Incompatibles
1998, Editorial Edaf
ISBN 84-414-04747

Danish (Dansk)

Published as Sund og Slank med Hay Diæten
1999, Aschehoug Dansk Forlag
ISBN 87-11-12738-4

Slovene (Slovensko)

Published as Zdravo Kombiniranje Hrane - Osnove Hayeve Diete
2000, Zalozba Mladinska knija Ljubljana
ISBN 86-11-15607-2

Reprinted 2009

Italian (Italiano)

Published as Guida alle Combinazione Alimentari - La Dieta Hay: Un metodo facile per tutti
2000, Macro Edizione
ISBN 88-7057-104-7

German (Deutsch)

Published as Hay´sche Trennkost - leicht gemacht
2000, Goldmann-Verlag
ISBN 3-442-16285-8

Estonian (Eesti)

Published as Doktor Hay dieet
2001, Ersen (63 Tartu Road, Talinn EE 0001, Estonia)
ISBN 99-8576-079-4


Published as Dieta Doktora Hay
1999, Eksmo ( P.O.Box 8, 123298 Moscow, Russia)
ISBN 5-04-004842-4

Get Well With The Hay Diet is also published by Eksmo


Bulgarian first published 2009
Serbian first published 2009
Croat first published 2009



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