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My Story

Having been mysteriously tired all my life, I became increasingly exhausted, especially after the children were born. I accumulated an endless list of mental and physical symptoms - yet no-one could find anything wrong with me! Nothing the doctor knew, and nothing I had ever learned myself as a health visitor could help. I somehow struggled through the day for the next ten years, and like so many others in this situation I took antidepressants and got hooked.

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Then from my own reading I discovered the answers: they were straightforward and they lay in my diet. Attention to the diet could have avoided the need for drugs. I discovered so many things I could do to help myself that I've never run out of ideas, and the answers I found are in my book. I've put as much help as possible on every page.

My recovery began when I discovered the Hay diet in 1988. It is my lifeline; I dare not depart from it. It has taken me several years to rebuild my health the natural way, but very gradually I was able to reduce the drugs, and now most of the symptoms have gone. Unbelievably, these days I only need about six or seven hours sleep, not ten or twelve any more!

I hope you enjoy the books, that you find all the information as interesting and as exciting as I have, and that it will change your life as it has changed mine.

Have you a success story to tell about the Hay Diet? If so, I would love to hear about it.

Jackie Habgood can be contacted at jackie.habgood@googlemail.com.


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