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The Hay Diet Made Easy

I spent two years researching my first book, and another two years writing it. The Hay Diet Made Easy was finally published in 1997.

hay diet made easyFood combining has become the hallmark of the Hay diet in recent years but this was an idea which Dr. Hay adopted long after his recovery. The diet actually consists of two separate principles, and the most important thing is to avoid highly processed food and gradually change over to a completely natural diet.

This is a practical guide for busy people. Everything is simplified and all the meals are worked out ready. If you have ever attempted to follow the Hay diet you will know that it consists of a few basic ideas which can sometimes be difficult to put into practice.

In the Hay Diet Made Easy you will find:

  • Starch and protein menus ready combined using ordinary foods
  • Everything is worked out right down to the sandwiches and the lunch boxes
  • Separate lists of starch and protein breakfasts, snacks and quick and easy meals
  • How to change over to a natural diet
  • How to prepare natural food, with recipes
  • Short and simple explanations with diagrams at every stage
  • How to adapt the diet to your individual needs
  • I also offer help with any problems you may encounter.

If you diet to lose weight, your health will steadily improve. If you diet to improve your health, you will gradually lose weight if you need to. The benefits often happen within days, and they can be surprising. I have found that around one in ten Hay dieters achieves quite spectacular results. There are plenty of case histories in the book.

Tried the Hay Diet and still having problems?

Gradually incorporate more fresh fruit, raw vegetables and salad into your diet, up to at least 75%.

It will enable you to slim a lot faster and in the healthiest possible way.
It will further accelerate natural healing
It can be done in many delicious ways!

My second book Get Well with the Hay Diet should answer many of your questions. I wrote it for those people who find they are still unwell despite being on the Hay Diet. It goes into much greater detail.


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