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Get Well With The Hay Diet

The Hay diet is super-nutrition, a nature cure, and you are on the mend from the moment you begin it. It can help most illnesses because it puts the body in a position to heal itself. Natural food is the raw material it needs to put itself right. Mystery illness can therefore benefit as much as any other. Problems which baffle medical minds do not so easily defeat the wisdom of the body.

get well with the hay diet
I dedicate this book:

To those whose many genuine complaints are being dismissed as 'all in the mind'. They may well be suffering from the current epidemic of medically unrecognised illness, unaware that simple and effective treatment exists.

  • To those who do not think of themselves as ill but would like to feel better
  • To slimmers who cannot lose weight however little they eat
  • To anyone who feels constantly ill and cannot find out why
  • To anyone with unexplained mental and nervous problems which do not entirely respond to conventional medicine
  • To anyone wishing to reduce their dependence on prescribed drugs
  • To those with any problem at all which conventional medicine feels you have to live with
  • And to those who have tried both conventional and complementary medicine, but whose problems stubbornly persist

A sick person is seldom asked exactly what he is eating and drinking. Anyone who does ask, as I do, receives some surprising replies and it becomes immediately obvious why that person is ill. So here is a simple introduction to what you can achieve by changing your diet. It is based on an understanding of how the body works and how we can work with it to assist our own recovery. There is so much more you can do for yourself if you are willing to work hard on your diet.

Tried the Hay diet and still feel unwell?

There is also information on mercury amalgam dental fillings. They are the most common kind, and could be causing your illness. The mercury can cause any problem in the book!


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